Free Customer Contact List Template for Excel

When you start a business, it is fundamental to keep track of your customers' information. However, even when it comes to customer management, in the beginning, there is not enough data to use an exaggerated CRM software, and more importantly, it takes time to learn how to use the software.

Especially for small companies, it is easy to use Excel for customer management. Also, if you create a CRM in Excel, you can import it smoothly when you move to a software.

In this article, we introduce the Customer contact list Templates for excel. The basic items are set from the beginning, so you can customize it as you see fit.

Customer Contact List Templates

Customer Contact List Template01

This is a letter-size horizontal customer contact list. Since it is for business, the items are designed to be entered with customer codes and company name and company information. The design is blue in color, but you can change it to your favorite color in table style.
Customer Contact List Template02

This is a letter-size horizontal customer management table. The items are slightly different from those for business because it is for individuals. You can create your own table by adding unnecessary items or items that you need by yourself.
Customer Contact List Template03

A customer list template that can be used in business. The blue color of this list gives it a tight and calm look. The list is not created with the table function of Excel, so you need to sort the columns manually.
Customer Contact List Template04

Letter size horizontal type customer management list template. It is created in Excel 2013. It can be used by small businesses and other businesses that do not need to use customer management software.